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Imagine entering your local grocery store to buy a week’s worth of goods. You stock up on your morning coffee, produce, protein and daily household needs. But when you get home you realize that you also stocked up on something else: packaging. From styrofoam containers to plastics, granola bar wrappers and fruit snack individualized everything wraps-we’ve all seen how much excess waste we produce on a day-to-day basis. 

Good Life Market will be the first grocery store in Portland to sell all products unpackaged or if in packaging, compostable and reusable—in fact, almost everything in the shop will be compostable or reusable, from milk, eggs, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables (all sourced from local farms) to many types of glass jars, kitchen and household aides, laundry accouterments, to health and beauty products like zero waste make up and bamboo toothbrushes.

When in Portland...
serve coffee

sustainable hospitality

If you start getting hungry while picking through the produce and amazing array of bulk snacks, goodies, and baked goods, there will be an in-house cafe that offers local coffee and espresso as well as zero waste snacks and baked items. All surplus food items will be donated to local food banks, neighbourhood houses or local community gardens.


The Cafe space will double as the space for the workshop and events. 


educate the community

Good Life Market's Cafe wing will double as a space after-hours for Workshops to educate people on many zero waste lifestyle tips, tricks and practical tactics. Good Life Market will have a membership option that will allow for discounts on class series as well as products in store. Some workshops will offer opportunities to learn how to make DIY products, throw zero waste dinner parties, or make zero waste kids crafts and highlight the concepts of a lean kitchen and eating seasonally.  Some of the  topics will be, but not limited to:

  • Composting

  • Canning

  • Jamming

  • Drying Foods ( DIY fruit roll ups and jerky )

  • Urban Farming

  • Gardening Year Round

  • Lean Closet

  • Lean Kitchen

  • *DIY ___fill in the blank- some will be:

    • candy

    • wrapping paper

    • candles

    • soaps

    • pastas and sauces ...


      Sustainability - promoting the pursuit of living a full and happy life in partnership with this good earth, promoting preservation and sharing in what natures provides

     Affordability- educating why cheap food is not really cheap in the long run, and that pursuing a zero waste lifestyle can help households balance budgets while living more healthy and happy lives while fighting needless consumerism

     Hospitality- providing a welcoming space with zero judgement, and offering a space to allow people to come together in this same spirit of enjoying and sharing in a good life


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We are in fundraising mode- approaching grant writing in Summer, 2019 and aiming for store opening in Spring, 2020! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more info.

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